“Liked the attention to the father to be, and the focus on coping techniques. Just talking about the process made it less scary for me.”

“It was…good to push my own (comfort) envelope, being open to unknowns, unearthing fears and visualizing dealing with them.”

“Somewhere in the midst of…leading us through group conversations regarding our feelings and instincts about parenthood and…decision-making exercises and role-play, we realised at the end…that we had acquired an education in childbirth without ever feeling like we had been taught!”

“You cannot help but feel a sense of confidence in your choices and an uncanny belief in yourself, and each other.”

“My wife and I took every class available: Hypnobirthing, hospital classes, etc. and this class was by far the best. It was the right mix of information and coping skills.”

“These classes helped me face my fears and opened my body and mind to new ideas.”

“These classes not only brought us closer together, but taught us a lot about ourselves and opened up a whole new world of knowledge. Our eyes and minds are now so much more open to all of the possibilities that are ahead, which not only apply to birth, but life itself.”