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Birthing From Within Prenatal Classes

Our classes are a unique, dynamic experience; where parents will be actively engaged in discussion, role play, art, & personal exploration, as well as practical information gathering. Partners will find themselves included as equals, who are also being ‘birthed’ as new parents.

Parents are not promised a specific outcome, or told they will get their ideal birth- instead they are Mentored onto a path of Awareness; of themselves, their understanding of birth & their deep-rooted strengths. Parents will come to “Know what to do, when they don’t know what to do.“, and be ready to “Do the Next Best Thing”, whatever arises in their labor & postpartum.

Classes are often offered as multi-week group sessions, private classes with a single couple, or weekend/1 day intensives; making finding a class to fit your life simpler. Each Mentor brings their own personality & style to their classes, no two classes are exactly alike!
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Birthing Again

Birthing Again classes are ideal for the family who wants to:

  • Review the nuts and bolts of labor & birth
  • Renew & review their pain-coping mindset
  • Take time out to connect to their current pregnancy
  • Explore their previous birth experience
  • Prepare siblings & other family for the new arrival

All presented within the same experiential, active learning framework as other Birthing From Within classes.

Birth Story Listening®

The birth experience is a powerful, life-changing moment- no matter where or how you give birth. Parents may find that in the hustle and bustle of new parenting that they are telling their birth story to family and friends, but not deeply exploring or processing that experience. If the birth experience was difficult or disappointing, parents may find those feelings being invalidated (or hyper-validated) by themselves and others.
Birth Story Listening® (also called Birth Story Medicine®) is a positive, uplifting way for parents to speak out loud about their experience, their feelings, and their needs, and find resolution and healing in the process.
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Birth Art Process™

Looking to dive deeper into the exploration of birth through art? Birthing From Within’s unique Birth Art Process™ takes you through an assortment of multi-media activities, where you’ll look at your beliefs about birth, your understanding of the cultural framework of birth, your vision of yourself as a parent, and much, much more.

Not all Mentors offer all variety of classes.
Please visit our Mentor listings, and individual Mentor pages for the most up to date offerings.