For Providers

What can Birthing From Within classes provide to your clients?

How can someone taking a Birthing From Within class benefit you, as a care provider?

After they take our classes, you’ll have clients that are:
Confident about entering labor because of hands-on, personalized practice of coping & comfort measures.
Excited to enter the mystery of labor with an open mind because they have a clear understanding of what to expect as labor progresses.
Ready to embrace change when needed and build a respectful relationship with care providers in all birth settings.
Relaxed having explored their own feelings and judgments around birth and parenting.
Willing to dig deep and do what needs to be done to birth their baby.

Our Mentors teach classes that are open, honest and compelling. We don’t shy away from the challenges that families can face in the birth room. We don’t promise or offer a ‘one size fits all’ path to an ideal birth outcome- instead we focus on facilitating parents connection to birth on many different levels, giving them proven tools for pain coping, and the wisdom to draw on the resources within themselves and around them.

If you would like to know more about Birthing From Within and our area Mentors, we’d be happy to speak with you! You can reach us via our Email or Contact Form